Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I had the great pleasure of working with art director Laura Callaghan again in creating this map for the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine, a gorgeous British publication. The current issue has a feature about illustrated fictional maps.

I have to say that I struggled a bit coming up with a concept. I'm so used to doing hours of research about a city and plotting out all of the landmarks that when I was faced with the prospect of creating virtually anything, I found the freedom a bit paralyzing. Visions of pirate ships and mermaids and other cliché things like that kept running through my mind and I knew I wanted to push past these and create something quirky and weird.  This concept came to me at the eleventh hour and I had a ton of fun sketching it out once the idea popped into my brain.

I was thrilled to find my copy of the magazine waiting in my mailbox when I arrived home from work yesterday evening! Aside from Oh Comely being such an all-around beautiful publication, the feature included some fantastic maps by some amazing illustrators (including recent illustrator crush Charlotte Trounce). I'm honoured to be included amongst such great company.


  1. Beautiful! And a spread too! Great job, Marisa.

  2. I love this map! And I adore Oh Comely. I adventured with my granddad for the same issue : ) http://writestitchup.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/oh-my-im-in-oh-comely-magazine/

  3. Wow, so cool!!! I love those color, and all the tiny little details. Also I have that same Narnia portal under my couch, weird!

    1. Thanks gurrl! We should meet up in Narnia one day.

  4. congrats on the article... you always amaze me with the things you do!